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Welcome to LSS website – The Landscape Solution Service Company. LSS is a trusted company where you find out the best solutions for Landscape - which can help you saving cost and suitable with liking, architecture, feng shui and the particularity of your construction. 

Quy mô nhân sự1-10 nhân viên
Loại hìnhCông ty nước ngoài
Doanh thu nămDưới 5 tỷ
Địa chỉ174/31 Dien Bien Phu,17 Ward, Binh Thanh Dist
Tỉnh / Thành phốTP HCM
TelTel: (08)351 780758
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Moreover, through this website, we would like to introduce some information about LSS orientations and abilities in Landscape. We deeply understand and care of every customers’ demands, never stop orientating to the perfection and all best services for the customers

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